Monday, July 4, 2011

Cameron Diaz Bad Teacher Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Cameron Diaz Looked Great For Her Role In Bad Teacher

Even though Cameron has always been gorgeous, her role in Bad Teacher had to have been among the most intense. In her early roles in movies in particular, Mask, There's Something About Mary, Any Given Sunday, Charlies Angels and Vanilla Sky she appeared tremendous. Even so, she was a great deal younger then. And as you know, the older we are the tougher we have to work. This is the reason I'm just so shocked with her physique in this particular character. That being said lets uncover what Cameron did to get into this kind of shape for this particular part.

Cameron Diaz Strength Training Plan

The Cameron Diaz exercise regime is made up of three areas.

Cameron's trainer has said that Diaz constructs her weekly exercise sessions based on resistance training, aerobics, and pilates. Lets take a look at Cameron's strenght training program. Her fitness instructor revealed that Cameron used large amounts of compound exercises in her training consisting of, squats, push ups, pullups, rows, chest press, dips, inverted rows, etc.

They main factor in getting the Cameron Diaz look is actually not in the exercises themselves but rather the amount of repetitions in every exercise she carried out. Those that stick to 5 repetitions or lower (and prevent failure), there is hardly any likelihood which your muscles will increase in size. Actually, in all probability your physique will become smaller, firmer and much more compact while you drop a certain amount of unwanted body fat & progressively gain power and muscle definition.

Cameron Diaz's Cardio Program

Cameron Diaz's cardiovascular training sessions are concentrated around anaerobic exercises, which in most instances, would imply that she uses intervals.

Intervals get the job done by alternating times of high intensity work with low intensity rest. An example of an interval work out routine I consistently take part in goes as follows:

Here is The easiest way to Implement 15 Minutes of HIIT

Hop on a treadmill (or cardiovascular machine of your desire).

Walk for 60 seconds. Level 3.5 on a treadmill as an illustration.
Jog for 30 seconds. Level 7.0 as an example.
Walk for 60 seconds. Level 3.5 as an example.
Jog for 30 seconds. Level 7.0 as an example.
Keep switching like this for 15 minutes.

Cameron's Bad Teacher Diet

Cameron Diaz has been quoted stating that she loves to follow a higher protein and lower carbohydrate diet plan. She really likes whole unprocessed foods which includes, skinless chicken breast, peanuts, green vegetables, fruits and lean meats. She has 4 to 5 cheat meals per week regularly, but eliminates them about 3 or 4 weeks leading into a role.

How to Get Cameron Diaz's Look

Select between 6 to 8 compound exercises from the list aforementioned and perform them back to back with 1 minute break in between each exercise. Go through the entire routine 3 times. And remember to keep your reps at 5 or lower to maintain a sexy look without gaining all that muscle. Trust me you don' t want it! After each strength training session is complete go over to the treadmill and do the workout we already went over. This is where you will burn that fat right off your body. Then twice a week do some pilates or yoga as a supplemental workout for joint health and flexibility.